The Hooli region once had many temples, all of which were once plundered and looted. Many of them are in ruins. The most famous temple in Hooli is Panchalingeshwara Temple. This is the only temple that is still in good condition. This beautiful temple is testament to what must have once been a great center for temple architecture, and shows what the other destroyed temples would have looked like when they were still in their original glory.
Panchalingeshwara Temple is now under the protection of the Archaeological Survey of India. The many other temples dotted around the village are in desperate need of restoration and protection. The Shivakashi Valley still bears enough evidence to suggest that it must have once been a dense forest. Even during the early 1900s, the forests were large enough for tigers to roam. Unfortunately, the tigers here are in danger of extinction and even the forest has now been decimated. The small animals that remain struggle to survive in the ever-shrinking forest. This is also a place to visit on your trip to Hooli.

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