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Hoshiarpur is a city and municipal corporation in Hoshiarpur district in the Doaba region of the Indian state of Punjab. According to tradition, it was founded at the beginning of the 14th century. In 1809 it was occupied by the forces of Maharaja Karanvir Singh and in 1849 it was united into the larger state of Punjab.
Hoshiarpur has an average elevation of 296 meters (971 ft). Hoshiarpur district is situated in the northeastern part of the Indian state of Punjab. It comes under Jalandhar Revenue Division and is located in Bist Doab part of Doaba region. Hoshiarpur shares border with Kangra district and Una district of Himachal Pradesh in the northeast. To the southwest it borders Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar district, Jalandhar district and Kapurthala district, and to the northwest it borders Gurdaspur district.
Archaeological explorations in recent years have revealed the antiquity of Hoshiarpur district up to the Harappan period. On the basis of surface exploration, the following new sites have been added to the archaeological map of India and footprints of the same people have also been discovered as at Harappa and Mohenjadaro in Hoshiarpur district.

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