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An epitome of beauty and wealth in the Indian state of Maharashtra, Kolhapur is one of the most important cities in southern Maharashtra. With its rich cultural heritage, this city has been a center of historical, religious and cultural activities for centuries. Its historical importance dates back to the 1st century BC. C. and continues to surprise visitors with its intricate carvings and beautiful temples. Kolhapur is known for its unique food culture, including the signature Kolhapuri cuisine, which delights the palates of locals and tourists alike. Sports, arts and local dialects also play an important role in defining the city's identity, making it a true representation of diversity and unity. The city is situated in the western part of Maharashtra and is often called "Dakshin Kashi" or "Mahateerth". It has a rich history, which is why it has been given several other names, including Kollagiri, Kolladigiripattan and Kollpur, all of which mean valley.
The Shilahara family founded a dynasty in Kolhapur at the time of the demise of the Rashtrakuta Empire, which ruled southern Maharashtra, including the modern districts of Satara, Kolhapur and Belagavi (Karnataka). Their family deity was the goddess Ambabai, whose blessing they claimed to have obtained in their copper plate grants (Mahalakshmi-labdha-vara-prasada). Like their relatives from the northern Konkan branch, the Shilaharas of Kolhapur claimed to belong to the lineage of Vidyadhara Jimutavahana, a Jain scholar. Their banner featured a golden Garuda. One of the many titles used by the Shilaharas was Tagarapuravaradhisvara, the supreme sovereign ruler of Tagara.

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