Nellore is one of the tourist hotspots in Andhra Pradesh state. It serves as the capital of Sri Potti SriRamulu Nellore District, which was previously called Nellore itself. It is a huge agricultural center and there are also a large number of temples in the city. The town is located on the banks of the Penna River and is home to many varieties of crops. The city is also very popular for its importance in trade and commerce. Nellore is located between Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu and Vijayawada, so it is strategically located for all commercial purposes. Exports of rice, sugar cane, shrimp, shrimp and a variety of crops make this city both self-sufficient and an important hub for nearby regions. While much of the population of Nellore is engaged in agriculture and has had little education, several educational institutions have now opened here, giving it well-deserved exposure. Tourism is also one of the main industries in this city of Andhra Pradesh. Among other places to visit the city, Nellores beaches serve as the main attraction. Among other beaches, Mypadu Beach, Kodur Beach and Katepalli Beach are the most visited in the city and the surrounding areas.
Like most other parts of Andhra Pradesh, tourists are not recommended to visit in the summer months. The temperatures during the summers can reach 38 degrees and therefore this is not a suitable time to visit Nellore and explore beaches. During the monsoons, the temperature starts to drop. The city observes moderate rainfall. If you want to see greenery and a fixed setting, monsoons are a great time to visit Nellore. However, winters are undoubtedly the best time to visit Nellore. During this time the temperature is pleasant and one can look forward to visiting the beaches, temples, etc. without any hindrance.

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