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Although the history of Secunderabad is closely linked to that of Hyderabad, Secunderabad as it is today was actually founded in the 18th century when Hyderabad was under the rule of the third Nizam of the Asaf Jahi Dynasty, Sikandar Jah. It was created to station the French and then the British forces when the British and French established their hold on India. Secunderabad has one of the most important British military stations in India and is now the headquarters of the 9th Division of the Confederate Army. It also includes Bolaram, the former Hyderabad contingent military station that has now been merged into the Indian Army, and Trimulgherry, the military artillery station that is today a well-developed suburban part of the city. In 2007 Secunderabad celebrated its 200th year of foundation.
Secunderabad, ten kilometers northeast of Hyderabad, is often referred to as Hyderabads twin brother; both are commonly called Twin Cities colloquially,although the name Secunderabad is rarely used outside of both. Its history parallels that of Hyderabad with some scholars claiming that its origins were technically established at the time when Hyderabad was also formed. Hussain Sagar, a man-made lake built by the Qutub Shahis in the 16th century, separates Secunderabad from Hyderabad, and both cities shared the same airport until early 2008. However, despite the close connections between the two, both cities have a different fusion of cultures. , with Secunderabad developing fully under direct British rule, while Hyderabad has been a principality since its inception.

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